Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Saturday, September 02, 2006

and there was dial-UP

It's like your waiting something to happen yet you know deep inside you won't get any thing in return. Yet you give, give and give your all pretty much your compromising much of what you be. Still you hold on, hoping that things will be just be fine or better yet will improve. ang hirap magHintay makaDownload using Dial-up ........

It’s such a cruel world. You live yet the moment you were born you were dying. You plan for today while others plan for tomorrow. As you grew, you love but really all you wanted is to be loved. First you all wanted is to be happy, yet now you knew that happiness entails pain and a lot of suffering. Why am I telling you this….gutom na kc ako.

"lingaw man diay ning firefox daghan add-ons to let you do things simplier....cge nako dl mga clips sa youtube(quality sucks!!)....karon lng jud ko kabalo na pwedi diay maka-download ug vids. saon man DIAL-up ko dli ko DSL or WIPULOS..pero naa na ang globelines diri davao..995 lng monthly...tapos naa pud ang DCTECH 700-800 monthly man toh guro...i dunno..basta all i want for now is our lanline.. https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2390/"

" FUNNi, ako lng jud gaVISit aning blog naQ..no one bothers to read such a boring layout... BTW DONT BOTHER TO DO SO!!..but it's nice na naay nakaimbento aning blog-thingy...RELEASE.."