Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Thursday, May 15, 2008

what will-you-be

Present day present time. HAHAHAHA!!!. I love drawing/sketching.Updates of my freaking life. Just got crazy bought a hp-915. I really dont know what came into me,crazy me. Things I do now just to keep my life routine free. read comic scans(torrent!!!). watch a great movie after my shift. well my job sucks, everytime before i press that button I always say " i love my job!, FUCK!!".hahahaha. things we do to make things happen.hahahahahaha. No time to do some ego tripping this days. hope i can!!! hahahah!!!

playboy Philippines. SUCKS!! the cover girl not a pinay. though she is beautiful. Every men-mag here in Philippines just wanted to be another tamed cosmo. the articles arent that great either(these days, its my only other reason to buy men magz). but thing is i hope playboy Philippines would be playboy Philippines. but at the near-end pages of the magazine. you could sense that they are slowly injecting what they should be. i find it odd for playboy Philippines trying to mimic themselves.

elfen lied. well guest i find out where those crazy japs are so into dolls.thanks lyka!. lillium such a great haunting song. it ranks with tomandandy's retrace.

ciao. its around 2pm got to sleep.shit!2pm....pm...and i am trying to sleep.