Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Saturday, February 25, 2012

the ballad of such...

Present day, present time. Hahahahah.

Life is too short to mind someones own shit. Yet, this office mate of mine likes to spit shit when everyone is around. But the true reason for such, is still a mystery to me. It could be either be a sign of loneliness or the fear of being labeled as a weakling. I really pity such attitude, but thing is we can't choose our neighbors. So we either ignore them or try to throw back some of their shit. And the funny thing is when they learned that its their own shit. They go haywire, they just can't handle it.

Life is a fuck. We always meet new people who are either odd or too predictable. Yet some of us, would always carry on the burden of fucking things up. I mean, that is what makes them one incomplete piece of shit. They always group together and motivate themselves to be perfectly, yet they complain a lot. So why the fuck they always complain? I really don't know but it really shows, they tend not to finish things up.

Life is a joke. Some of us, tend to draw pride from ourselves, and learned how we can talk shit about others when in reality we are just talking about ourselves. We lost it, the genuine feeling that is real.