Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Friday, May 11, 2007

here we go again

on monday(may 14,2007). Philippines will be having the biggest feast,the elections.every three years,certain individuals win for shitty reasons.the irony here is they campaign for the poor yet they themselves didn't know how does it feel to be in the bottom end of the food chain.they see and emphatise with the poor people.it just gives me the shit,that only rich people can run this shitty government.

well,will i vote.hmm, nope i did register last three years ago with a friend. i did remember the photo sessions and getting of handprints on the buildings besides the sangunihan panglungsod. only to know that they abandoned the so called upgrade of the elections. on the day of the elections,did i try to get back my right to vote by going to magsaysay park and watchamacallit..."re-register"..and it was around 2pm.time wasnt on my side though.and hence i failed to exercise my right to vote.

now,i just hope that politics will not be a circus.i dont mean any offense to some boxers,actors, trying to be politicians. thing is,how can you make laws while you got two months of training.shit,there are also old faggots saying they did something big for there province,hell with you sir.and shitty madames trying to get the sympathy of the people.i do salute the only muslim individual running for senate,hope they will get there voice heard,or hope he will do his duty when he will have a seat on the senate.whats on the senate that certain individuals waste millions.beats me,it aint the pork barrel?.i really hope so.

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plue said...

well, i got my finger inked and I REALLY DO WISH that it was worth getting inked. lol

anyway, ROMs? XD