Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Saturday, May 05, 2007

my take on SPIdamang

well,to start off i watch spiderman 3 at nccc mall of davao. cause probably its my choice.and ive been wondering why in hell all cinemas been showing one film. did they project that it be such a box office hit.with the promotions/toys well,i dunno.

the introduction somehow saying to me,it be the last.you could see characters from the last 2 films.anyway,much of the film spidey striving to keep himself from being peter parker and spidey. the supposedly proposal.I give a *sigh to that the ring and blessing from her aunt.and the french resto scene..huhuhuhu..we all can relate.anyway,at least in the end they were friends.another *sigh....sandman another *sigh just for her daughter he rise up to rob a bank.

and here comes venom....ah...somehow..his part to small...shit!

highlights..well the fight scene between spidey and harry..i was gawking for that 5 minute or so..

just hate when parker..suits up with the his symbiote..the grease lighting..the "fever". dancing the girls..his crazy moves...is that suppose to be funny..well..i did laugh..and how come jus half the face of harry was burnt..he should be disentigrated ..

the final fight was well to much for me..the drama and how harry came to the rescue..the giant sandman..

well its suppose to be film for all...so it did serve its purpose...somehow... 2.5 stars...but if you really know spidey..you probably hate it..hahahaha