Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Thursday, December 27, 2007

sa natutulog kong mundo

Present day, present time! HaHaHaHa. Picture taken from one of trips of my former team(Oakland athletics). Here Alma and April taking a breath of the morning breeze. I really like this photo. Gives me the impression that no matter how sad or happy the night was. Morning would be filled with silence, realization and the feeling of...thanks..that after all of this..we are still alive.

The end of 2007 is near. 2007 will be another memory of what it was. Indeed time passes so fast that I was caught unaware that I am still here working for a Call Center taking Calls and taking shit from the so called "Americans". One day, maybe I wont see it but I Asians will again rule the world. And Americans, well proverty , chaos, civil war. Wow!!! so mean, so me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Back to 2007, well my Camera's broken. Still thinking to buy a new one(cybershot!!!basta tong sony or powershot..). My nokia 3310 still alive, though at Christmas I was contemplating to buy a Samsung mobile phone But at the end of the day I was carrying a portable DVD player back home(NEXTBASE!!!..TIBAY CHONG!!!). Maybe next post will be about it.

During Christmas. Philippine film really rocks! I mean its the day were pinoys really patronize pinoy films. Films I wanted to see are. Saka..saklolo..I forgot the whole title but film about a young couple( juday and ryan)..enteng...Part four! bossing hasnt lose his appeal to the masses(though I just like to see this at the tube!)...Having doubts on resiklo , I mean exodus sucks bigtime..It was only the fuzz that had me curious..curious enough to waste my 65 php(make it 130 php+150-200 php worth of food). EXODUS SUCKS SO IN MY HUMBLE OPINION RESIKLO SUCKS!!!

Party at the venue. Well what can I say, was it worth the time and hassle of getting up/looking like a pimp out yuppie? I give it a yes and no. I mean, I got a chance to look like a pony businessman but the hell I care the whole building was filled with pony businessman.hahahahaha!!!

Before I end my post this 2007. I wanted to end all things that are meant to be only in 2007. Wanted to shift to a new career and be rich or die trying!