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Thursday, February 07, 2008

of might and not of magic

Present day, present time. HAHAHAHA. I am pretty much bored. Bored of the same shitty routine, same shitty clients, same beautiful faces, the same shitty fucken work. I want to be back to the scene. Transcending to the wall of sound while holding a hot solder on the right hand and a lead on the left. I want to make things again. Maybe it be stupid but I want to be productive again. Maybe it be a fourth graders electronic project but I want to extract some creative juice out of this soupy brain. Or the least be on someone else pc to troubleshoot( bangka lng ug juice..okay na ko).

I miss some of my friends, people I use to know, people whom I've only meet once, people who I havent seen but became my unbiased counsel. Individuals that help me gain something new or the least given me a piece of them, don't forget the people who hated me for being so pessimistic. Ops, I failed to mention the individuals whom I shared my advice to their heartaches to think I'm such a failure when it comes to that subject matter. I truly miss you guys and gals.

To the people who have been to my room. Got news for you. It's such a mess now that It feels like I am a 13 year old boy starting to gain responsibility and say puberty.

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Spidamang said...

you are not alone. My ECE license expires this year and I'm wondering whether it's worth the bother to renew it since I'm not doing work that requires it.

But then again, nothing could compare to the smell of a stanley 30 watt and a 60/40 rosin core that's properly applied. ;)

My advice is, find a pet project no matter how ridiculous it is.
I just finished making a digital clock that displays time in binary code just to remind me why I chose my college course.

Hang in there. hehe

hourglass said...

hahahaha...ece ka rin..lol...dami na pala tau...cge..ill figure out clocks for starters....thanks advice