Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still breathing the same air

Present day, present time. HAHAHAHA. How was my Valentines day?. Generally speaking I've lost interest with what could it give, the magic and the spine tingling emotion running thru your soul. Anyways it was february 16,2008 had tickets for me and my date for " LOVENUTS ". When we arrive at thee "venue" there was this very long line of people who were trying to get tickets Lucky for us I bought it two days earlier. It was almost 8:30 make it 8:45 still no seats for me and my date though there were empty monoblock chairs but they were supposedly "RESERVED". So after about three to five minutes of asking "is this seat taken maam"(well quite odd girls were the only the ones I've asked hahaha) finally found a spot it was on the far left side of the stage. The show? it was your typical pinoy kind of comedy.PINAPINTASAN ANG MGA MALI AT KUNG ANO ANG DI KANAIS-NAIS...hahahahaha, but I was laughing nonetheless to think I haven't sleep since 2am. Anton diva is really good in mimicking regine's voice as for Vice ganda s/he capitalize on humor. Was it worth my 400php? I give it my yes.

What keeps me busy this days? Setting up a computer inside my room(the monitor again went dead..enough repairs..got to buy one..surplus..hahaha!). Reading a book, well people around me just laugh when I told them I'm reading a book. And most importantly sorting things up, what to achieve, what to do next and what to expect. Eight days of vacation leave still feeling bullcrap.

Just added. Really hate Philippine politics, it sucks and people are being suck by the big players around them. Again people are being herd in a nice way, not by fooling them but letting them see that they are right. Also media plays a big role in giving us vital information. Just seen this report on where in hell does this so called witness eats his burger...SHIT!!!! relevance please... Do we really need "People power" if we hate the government we just run to the streets. Dont give me wrong, we always blame the government. Yes, democraZy in the Philippines is immature everyone wants a piece of it. From the senators(just doing their job when an potical crisis rise) to the lamest barangay captain. Just wanting to ask those so called individuals if we oust the president who will be the next corrupt president. Its a damn cycle we are all stupid. My solution ignore bullshit politicians, I-need-media-exposure individuals, blasphemous religious people and do your job...do it well.