Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Sunday, September 07, 2008

the "hu r u" the who..the who..who who ..

Present day, Present time.My job takes a lot of my time,NO! all my time. No physical activity makes me feel shitty fat. Though there are times I walk but it was all about getting something in or out of my mind. Im pretty much stress out now. I wonder when shall this end, or I am just getting burned out again.

I usually wake up around 12 am. Work starts around 2am depending on the volume of shitty bastards. My superior is a schoolmate of mine. He is good and very understable. Ive been with the same shitty good talented individuals for more than a year now. At 6am I take my first 15 minute break, Its really exhausting. I usually see myself over qualified for the job that I am in Got a 5 year degree and here I am. Not complaining though. Usually the people that do excel here are the ones who kiss shit or the ones whose ego reach the alternate universe in sheer crap. Guess the saying was right " dili ka mudatu kung buutan ka".

Well I love bianca king. "pa" highly sophisticated bitch who thinnks she is smart enough to rule the world. Shucks, really attracted to women with power or projects power.


Anonymous said...

Ilisi ug color imong text oi! sakit sa mata! hehehe

ngreklamo na c lee? hehehe Musta na man ka lee?

Oi! link lgi mo ni plue? Kaila ka niya?

RoNald said...

piskot man na si bianca king nganu idol man na nimu na idol man na naku.hehehe.cge mangita na lang ko ug lain di ko ganahan makisawsaw. tsk tsk tsk.si lyka na lang akoa idol gong!