Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Saturday, November 15, 2008

so it craves again.

Present day, present time. HaHaHaHaH!. Currently listening to gNr's november rain thankin' that its nice when someone is out there bleeding out with you. Its nice to sleep after you bleed out the extra current in your circuitry. HaHaHaHaH!.

Work been hell. Still looking for my true calling. Still looking for the piece of me that makes me tick. I was eating siopao at charlie's dinner with a friend asking me what does my future looks like. Not to sound serious I just said "maybe abroad". Yes, friends, relatives of mine are slowly conquering the global market. From singapore to dubai and canada.. dont forget New jersey. I remember someone told me....well,almost every does. You get nothing from staying in Davao,furthermore you get nothing staying in the Philippines. They maybe right, look the non-stop bullcrap that is showbiz-politics that we have nowadays. Spending money on bullshit session on someone's shit. We need more bridges and roads here dearest bullshit senators not another shit-digging-crab-mentality stint. You call your job public service when all you do is public stint.

Malagkit. When I was a boy every sunday or saturday I would always accompany my parents to BANGKEROHAN, PALENGKE. Always bring some childhood memories.HaHaHaHaH!

Manny pacman fighting Golden boy. A part of me says "youve grown into some circus I just hope one day youll be beating the crap of some wrestler. Com' on What in hell are you thinking this is overboard your like feeding yourself to the den of lions they know that you cant resist dela hoya..its your pride...think..and by the way..dont ever run for public office..SORRY!"..but then again a part of me says " dont get down easily...one two three uppercut...his is slow...."


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RoNald said...

Present day present time Manny wants money so be it. For Filipino's pride manny should win no matter what. Always remember "cheater always win"! Go Money! ay Manny!