Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Sunday, March 29, 2009

guns and sundays

Present day, present time. HaHaHaHaH. Most my entire life I've been only to Davao funny thing is, even in Davao I didnt have enough time and luxury to measure the entire land area of it.hahahahaha. As far as I could remember this was my first glimpse of buhangin, catitipan, deca homes etc. I was transporting one thing that I love doing...computers. Well sad to say this said computer is one of the few that died infront of me. I think(that a professional opinion..hahaha) the processor is burned or the board been burned by the processor.

Sunday, march 29 2009 2pm. I witness something that has been happening here in our place. Man A wears red shirt, Man B wears red hat, Man C rides a motorbike. Man A and Man B were talking. Man C arrives, Man B fires his gun to Man A. I heard about 3 shots, Man A was down. Were was I? 100 meters from the scene. What did I do? cross the street and went home as what I always do. What did I feel? that moment? odd, in a sense that I knew what happen. But I didnt act, I just go the way i always do. In fact when I arrive home. all I did was watch TOPgears episode on my pc. What can I say? hmm, since Man A and Man B were talking they knew each other. What were they talking about I dont know a debt perhaps. What I speculate was Man A and Man B were on one team, either NPA, or extremists, or plain Man B was drug depended, Man A was the executioner. I am alive, thats good for me. But thing is bad things happen when good people do nothing.

I still hate my job. After two years of shit. Come to realize the only ones who make it to the top are the ones who eats shit. The workplace is an hostile enviroment. Relationships are formed and are destroyed. Infidelity is no secret. Sex is a means to gossip. boss likes to egotrip. Boss I am willing to exchange boots here. So fuck up your ass, fuck up, you tell shitty things that we shall do but you cant shit like us. You tell us that you sleep less than us. but you dont feel us. so fuck up, listen up. I respect you no matter who you are. But that is within the boundaries of the building.Outside I am, who I am and I dont give a shit. If you like eating my shit..be it.


Yazi said...

Man, that's 2 years worth of shit! and well it's amazing to have said all that... CHEERS! to your shitty job and my depressing resignation!

RoNald said...

holy shit!