Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i tell you what i think of THIS(spelled backwards)

Present day, Present time. HaHaHaHaH. Yeah, I know got a lot of I-dont-need-this-cd's. It's supposed to be free, I only needed a copy but here they are...considered as junk.... I once did use this pile of junk. Same color, same kind...its nice when you insert a light source in the middle...quite a nice lamp...quite a nice gift...

for the past years none of whom i've known do i consider a friend. All of them...let's just say most of them wouldn't tell me that i'm in deep trouble. They would just stand and watch as I walk the line of fooling myself..needless to say...i dont need them...happy hypocrites...

A lot of us.. consider love as something so vague..that we use it as an alibi to do foolish things..during the foolish times...yes, its vague enough to be meaningless...can you even spell responsibility and honesty? dont forget respect...and you tell the world that you and a bunch of so called lovestruck individuals..can be moved and be considered a lunatic...grow-up and carry on with what you have..

People are people. And I find some of them quite amusing... there are some that use numbers to call attention, some use someone to feel good..but honestly...it's pathetic.. why need some..cant you stand alone? you spell shit that you think you coined it. And tell the world that youre the bearer of what is supposed to be...you cant even eat your shit..cant even turn your ass and say i'm IT. keep fooling yourself and you'll wind up the same...as most of us do...another Yet-Another..

I hate sundays, the music, awkwardness, and the feeling that something bad will happen amidst the temporary happiness. Just keep my guard up..and refrain..refrain...