Sirach chapter 8,verse 19

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Between the syntax error

Present day, present time. Hahahaha. Cafe Mediterranean stands along Sales street within the chymes compound. What I like about them. Hmm, Gyro's to be exact(un lamb..first time kumain ng ganyan). And the Pita bread with Humos. Pizza-wise , again its with a mediterranean twist so you will be looking a lot of "talong" hahahah.. Anyway, I love to go food trippin. Its where my money usually goes. From barbeque,kebabs, balot, siopaos,pizza,pasta,ice cream and bulalo. Anything that would satisfy my big intestine. So far besides food its the ambiance I'm after. Don't forget the company after all whats food when your dining all alone. So far Piccobello pa rin!!

Usually after payday..eheemmm. DCLA is the place to be. Why ask, obviously they sell Pirated DVD, appliances that are obviously china made. Well its were you can find Ipod clones like Sany, Pensonic. Mobile phones with TV tuners. And pizzaroll..hahahaha..again pagkain ulit!!!

Still planning what to buy myself this Christmas. Iphone( heavy!! ka nga ng globe posible!), itouch(pwedi na rin!), or any kind of phone(un samsung or n-something). The tv-tuner/mobile phone would be nice, though they said its really about the service after you bought the product. And I agree with them.

After 2 years it's been release the 2005 yearbook. Darn it took them 2 whole years just to make this bullcrap. I still remember the girls the night-outs the projects the girls and the girls. Nothing beats college. Though my stalking ground was the library. hahahaha